My name is Clairissa Elizabeth Dailey. I’m an ambitious, sarcastic, fashion obsessed horse back rider on a walk with God, trying to make it in NYC. I thought about making a blog through college and actually started about three. Why? I’m a perfectionist. I kept changing the name, would never consistently post, but mostly didn’t like what I was posting because it was like every other blogger out there and that’s not my style at all. If I’m tired of seeing those same photos, I’m sure most everyone else is too. This is my last attempt to a blog. I mainly created this because I love fashion, so I’m sharing my opinions on everything from the met gala looks to what “Influencers” are wearing to Coachella. Read if you want.

Along with fashion though, I have grown up in a Christian household, therefore it holds pretty strong in my life. I’m still walking (stumbling) with God through this life though…this is why the main section is called thoughts. I may have grown up in a Christian grade school and church, but I by no means have this thing down. I may not be as qualified to teach someone like a Bible scholar, but I do believe I can do pretty well at articulating and explaining things, so I just want to share my thoughts or what God speaks through me. Some complex ideas, some simple, some new believer ideas like how do you know God even exists, but mostly the common questions and thoughts that run through our minds daily that make us human. Some of these are often never directly answered in Christianity because they’re tabooed, too controversial, or whatever. Regardless, we are human and they are there and no one likes to feel alone. I can share my thoughts, you can judge me…I don’t care.

I’m also gonna share my lifestyle, which is basically anything else that is not fashion or faith, that I’m also not an expert on. This is basically the closest I will get to an auto-biography. Thanks.